2599421_origNorthstar Capital Partners, LLC, envisions chartering and capitalizing a limited purpose bank, called Northstar Agro-Bank. The sole purpose of the Bank is to assist in the development of the agricultural industry in the Southern Cone countries of South America associated with Mercosur. Northstar Agro-Bank will be created to focus primarily on assisting rural communities by partnering with the growers in such communities.

A key component of the Bank’s financial dealings with the rural growers is the introduction of futures contracts for the growers’ commodities into the international financial and commodities markets. The sale and monetization of these future contracts will bring long term financial stability to the growers and the Bank.

The Bank will not focus only on the financial aspects of the services it will provide to its customers and clients, but will also expend significant resources to educate the rural growers in the application of systematic production and management modules. These modules will be designed to assist growers in enhancing their short and long term productivity.

One of the most dire and immediate problems faced by rural communities today is the lack of funding and investment support. As a result, many rural growers are increasingly susceptible and exposed to unfair practices or are simply financially ignored and unattended. It is Northstar’s belief that the Bank and its affiliates will provide the leadership needed to overcome the lack of financial services available to rural agricultural communities and also be a significant resource for rural growers in promoting sustainable farming and environmentally friendly practices.

By bringing the financial, technological and teaching resources together, the Bank will truly become a partner with the rural growers and enable the growers to protect and grow their immediate and long term financial welfare and increase crop production and land management efficiencies in an environmentally sustainable manner.



Northstar Agro-Bank proposes to achieve its objectives through the integration of financial, technical and teaching resources to promote the financial health, technical abilities and sustainable, environmentally friendly efficiencies of rural agricultural growers in the Southern Cone Counties of South America associated with Mercosur.

The Bank and its affiliates will introduce and promote futures contracts for the growers’ commodities in the international futures and commodities markets, thereby providing a reliable source of long term funding for the development and expansion of the grower’s operations. The Bank and its affiliates will introduce and promote scientific research into pest control, crop rotation, fertilization, irrigation, land management and related areas to increase crop yield, enhance operational efficiencies, reduce the use of environmentally harmful pesticides and promote the continual regeneration of the land.

Northstar Agro-Bank will practice a brand of banking and community support that will fit seamlessly into the rural communities it serves and bring these communities into the world economy. The Bank will achieve these goals by implementing the following practices:

  • Install and retain a highly ethical and professional executive and administrative core in which specially appointed members of the rural community will participate in an advisory capacity and in many instances, will be involved in managing various activities of the Bank in these communities;
  • Be proactively involved in the development and introduction of new financial instruments in the international markets in order to create special financial strategies and investment opportunities designed to produce superior returns to fund sustainable, long term financial growth and security for both Northstar Agro-Bank and the rural growers and communities the Bank serves;
  • Constantly seek, develop, experiment and implement the best methods to promote increased efficiencies and crop yield in an economically and environmentally friendly manner;
  • Understand the financial, economic, infrastructure and social issues and needs of the rural growers and their communities and provide assistance to solve the issues and meet the needs; and
  • Be proactively involved in creating special initiatives toward productivity and free trade, staging workshops, promoting environmental awareness and best practices, provide access to training and education and generally develop an overall awareness of the many unique issues associated with rural agricultural life and how to integrate the growers’ relationship to the world at large.


Integrating Northstar Agro-Bank into the international banking network means that in addition to managing its traditional banking affairs in the communities it serves, the Bank will also enjoy the privilege of serving as a financial intermediary between its Mercosur-based constituents and the international financial services industry. In furtherance of its long term funding activities, the Bank will become involved in the myriad investments and capitalization strategies offered by the vast international financial community and inter-banking network, all conducted and effected through experienced and specialized financial managers and dealers, such as:

  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Superior Dividends Markets
  • Selective Purchase and Sale of Sovereign and Private Debt and Equity Securities
  • Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Derivative Contracts
  • Insurance Contracts
  • Commodities Futures and Trading Contracts
  • Currency Futures and Trading Contracts
  • Investing, Licensing and Developing Special Agricultural Technologies
  • Real Estate Development and Creation of Rural Cooperatives
  • Precious Metals



Northstar Agro-Bank seeks to create and maintain a self-sustainable, highly productive, safe and strong market environment to best stimulate the growth of the rural communities served by the Bank, as well as provide a measure of financial protection to prevent any radical up and down swings in the local and global markets for commodities. We believe this can be achieved by establishing a solvent, liquid and globally interactive Bank serving the rural agricultural community. Key aspects of the Bank’s vision include:

  1. Integration of the Bank’s customers into the policies of Bank by allowing and encouraging growers to serve on advisory boards and committees and promoting equity ownership in the Bank and the resulting participation in the Bank’s profits through dividend payments;
  2. Providing rural producers with input into the Bank’s policies concerning the management, marketing and sale of their commodities in a fair and efficient manner, thereby loosening the grip of traditional commodities wholesalers and profiteering banks;
  3. The development and introduction into the international banking and financial markets of commodities futures contracts tied to the production of the rural growers served by the Bank and the development and implementation of credit enhancement, insurance and reinsurance for the proper commercialization, purchase and sale of the underlying commodities;
  4. Procurement of experienced and competent fiduciary and management services for the funding created from the sale of their commodities;
  5. Asset protection management and investment management services;
  6. Loan and credit amortization systems, based on returns created from the management and investment of assets and resources and other capital gains;
  7. Procurement of loans and credit facilities with affordable interest rates and flexible and favorable terms;
  8. Technological development, training and implementation;
  9. Access to and assistance with accounting and legal services;
  10. Integration with the standards of global trade;
  11. Special incentives designed to maximization production;
  12. Special initiatives designed to promote eco-friendly pest control and crop production;
  13. Special initiatives to provide reasonable credit facilities to acquire new production technologies, machinery, equipment, supplies, fertilizers and the like;
  14. Promote infrastructure development for the maintenance and repair of equipment and machinery; and
  15. Promote infrastructure development for the storage, transportation, distribution and shipment of commodities such as roads, silos, ports and the containerized transport for vessel and aircraft delivery of commodities.


As we have detailed above, the most important reason for the formation of Northstar Agro-Bank is to offer the rural producers and the rural communities access to the financial and technological resources enjoyed by their more urban counterparts. The Bank will attend to their banking and financial needs and ensure these rural producers and their communities a better and more productive future.

In addition, Northstar Agro-Bank will be a solvent and highly capable financial institution, fully capitalized and managed by Northstar Capital Partners, LLC who, through its consortium of affiliated entities and international financial institutions, will work tirelessly to achieve the financial, educational, social and environmental milestones outlined herein. The union of the rural communities and the Northstar Agro-Bank will enable and promote the dynamic and sustainable financial and economic development of the rural communities, bring cutting edge technological developments for increasing crop yield, growing techniques and environmentally friendly pest control, and serve as a long term partner with these communities and their participation in the international markets.

In a not too distant future, we envision that the rural communities will have a profound effect and positive impact on the economy of their own nation and the Mercosur Region as a whole.