Northstar Capital Partners, LLC (NCP) is a Wyoming limited liability company originally formed in 2010. Through a great deal of research, Dan M. Brooking, NCP’s Chairman & CEO, developed a vision in which it would be possible for a little known and little used (outside of Brazil) instrument called a “Certificate of Rural Production” (CPRE) to be used to finance the growth and modernization of agricultural production in Brazil. A CPRE is essentially an agricultural futures contract for export, or an instrument created under Brazilian law that commits a grower to deliver a specified amount of a particular commodity of a specified quality at a specified date in the future. Under our financing plan, NCP will pay for these commodities prior to delivery, allowing the grower to use the proceeds to acquire land and equipment and utilize modern production techniques to increase yields, but with minimal waste and use of harmful pesticides. We call this financing format “Singular Finance”™ and it has been developed and refined over many years.

The Singular Finance™ structure is quite simple and as designed, is intended to eliminate as much financial risk for its participants, deter the potential for corruption and manipulation, and maximize the reward and benefit for all participants. Our Singular Finance™ model is designed to work as follows: NCP issues a Singular Finance™ contract to a Brazilian grower who then issues the CPREs in the name of NCP. The CPRE's are then deposited in NCP’s securities accounts in Brazil. Once deposited, the CPRE will be blocked by our banker in favor of NCP’s transaction partner for a period of 12 – 18 months, depending on the contract requirements. Our transaction partner will utilize the value of the CPRE to establish a credit line and engage in various investment activities to generate profits that will be shared with NCP. NCP will use its share of these profits to pay for the CPRE. Once paid in full, the CPRE's are released to NCP who will then seek to sell a portion of the agricultural commodities. The remainder will be donated to Humanitrust, an affiliated non-profit organization. It will be the responsibility of Humanitrust and its experienced leadership to receive, store, process, transport and deliver the food commodities to malnourished people and communities in need around the globe.

It is NCP’s hope that the CPRE format, or something very close to it, can be created and utilized in other South American countries as well. The ultimate goal is the expansion and modernization of agricultural financing practices so that all growers – regardless of size – may one day use the Singular Finance™ model to expand and modernize their operations and increase yield without resorting to harmful pesticides and other environmentally harmful practices. This will result in enhanced food production in some of the most fertile growing areas in the world to serve a growing global population. NCP will be at the forefront of this effort.

Dan M. Brooking
Chairman & CEO